Lecture by Matali Crasset as part of the exhibiton „Her Circle“ in Paris

As part of the supporting program of the exhibition “Her Circle”, renowned French industrial designer and artist, Matali Crasset, will give a lecture* entitled “Design & Pragmatism” on Wednsday, 6th of July at 7 pm at the Serbian Cultural Centre in Paris (123 Rue Saint Martin).

Exhibition “Her circle”, represents a historical overview of the female creativity in the fields of architecture, urban planning and design from the beginning of XX century to the present. It was originally exhibited in June 2016 in Belgrade, as part of “Womenal” program of the Mikser Festival, the largest festival of creativity and innovation in Southeastern Europe.


“Her Circle” promotes the production and affirmation of women – authors in the fields of architecture, urban planning and design in Serbia, and in that light, the supporting program of the Paris exhibition will address the local female creativity in mentioned areas.

Matali Crasset, as one the most promising designers and artist in Europe today, will give a lecture “Design & Pragmatism” that will provide valuable insight into her work, her ideas, sources of inspiration but also her influences by other artists, with special emphasis on female artists and inspirational figures.

©Julien Carreyn

Matali Crasset was born in 1965 in France, she lives and works in Paris. Crasset considers design to be research, working from an off-centred position both serving daily routines and tracing future scenarios. With both a knowledgeable and naive view of the world, she questions the obviousness of codes so as to facilitate her breaking these bonds.


Her proposals are never towards a simple improvement of what already exists but, without rushing things, to develop typologies structured around principles such as modularity, the principle of an interlacing network, etc. Crasset’s work revolves around searching for new coordination processes and formulating new logics in life. She defines this search as an accompaniment towards the contemporary. Always in search of new territories to explore, she collaborates with eclectic worlds, from crafts to electronic music, from the textiles industry to fair trade, realising projects in set design, furniture, architecture, graphics, collaborations with artists, with young furniture-making companies, as well as with municipalities and communes.

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*Lecture will be held in French.