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Winners of the international design competition “Ghost Project 2017: The New Nomads”

Mikser organization and Balkan Design Network are announcing the Winners of the international design competition “Ghost Project 2017: The New Nomads” who will be participating in Mikser festival’s Design Zone, from 25 to 28 May in Belgrade.International Jury consisting of progressive design curators, critics  and experienced designers  selected 39 projects from 15 countries (Bosnia and Herzegovina, Slovenia, Croatia, Macedonia,  Serbia, Romania, The Netherlands,  Austria, France, Russia, UK, USA, Vietnam, Taiwan, India).

  1. Oro by Berin Spahić – Bosnia and Herzegovina
  2. Piaffe pouffe by Berin Spahić – Bosnia and Herzegovina
  3. Nomad Vendors by Buiga Maria Cristina, Bucatariu Anca Larisa – Romania
  4. Floating by Chen szu han – Taiwan
  5. Desk to go by Dea Beatovikj – Macedonia
  6. Shelter for the builder by Do Huy Thang – Vietnam
  7. Stick and string– Lamp by Dusan Muncan – Serbia
  8. Black Feedback by Evgenija Zafirovska – Macedonia
  9. Mobile city by Evgeniy Shuvanov – Russia
  10. ISOLA by Hana Ciliga – Croatia
  11. KOKO by Hana Ciliga – Croatia
  12. HomeWork by Irma Mihovec Schmidt, Vlatka Blakšić, Simona Dolinga, Margareta Kovačević – Croatia
  13. RI: Sound Cloud by Ivor Pučar, Pietro Biluš – Croatia
  14. Mode2 by Janja Roškar, Elizabeta Bošnjak, Lea Jurin, Marko Šostar- Croatia
  15. The Miine Bag by Josh Fielder – UK
  16. Roam by Joya Widney – USA
  17. B knot by Kristina Savic – Serbia
  18. Minimal Unit Maja Papić – Serbia
  19. TwoToFive– The furniture system that grows with you by Manda Matulic – The Netherlands
  20. OM-Zero by Maria Bramasole           Austria
  21. SecretArea Milena Jovanović, Alica Pancer,Tomica Perković, Ivan Goran Žunar  – Croatia
  22. Linea Table by Milica Dejanović – Serbia
  23. 611CUP by Milica Maric – Serbia
  24. Bedroom in a Suitcase? by Mitic Jelena, Poček Jelena – Serbia
  25. Lazy Nomad by Pavle Brkic – Serbia
  26. M.O.T.S by Pépin Juliette        France
  27. Vision In Incision by Prasannakumar N Patil – India
  28. Urban modular by MELEM – Macedonia
  29. Nomad by Tak kolektiv – Slovenia
  30. Portable Folding Chair (AYN) by Taša Milošević – Serbia
  31. ALSET by Uroš Janković – Serbia
  32. PATTERN by Uroš Janković – Serbia
  33. OUT OF BALANCE by Vanja Jović – Croatia
  34. THE NEW NOMADS by Yuri Shevnin – Russia
  35. Blanc Céleste lamp by Zoran Mojsilovic – Serbia
  36. Conic coffee – side table by Zoran Mojsilovic – Serbia
  37. Fusion stools by Zoran Mojsilovic – Serbia
  38. Nomad coffee tables by Zoran Mojsilovic – Serbia
  39. Nomade shelf by Zoran Mojsilovic – Serbia

Ghost Project is an international platform for talents in the area of design concepts and product design. Starting as a small local exhibition of unexecuted projects in 2006, Ghost Project has grown to one of the largest regional reviews of design talents from around the world, enhancing the exchange between designers from different cultural backgrounds and giving unique insight into upcoming generation of designers who will be shaping our future. Under the slogan “THE NEW NOMADS”, Ghost Project 2017 invited young designers to share their vision on how prompt design interventions can improve lives of people on the move, be their mobility deliberate or forceful, and enable them to make a new place their home.