Blog: Sometimes volunteers need a bit of help too
Ivana Kazazović

This is the story of Adrianne and Jordan, and the friendship that saved them from the snowy streets of Belgrade one cold afternoon.

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Adrianne and Jordan are a young married couple from the United States. While they were volunteering for a month at Miksalište, they met a lot of people with whom they talked and shared life stories. Through their joint volunteer work, they build each other up and strengthen their relationship, which started while they were in college. “I feel I can get to know Jordan better, watching him solve problems and empathize with people in need”, says Adrian.

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However, it’s not just their bond which strengthened at Miksaliste. The friendships they formed saved them when they needed it the most.

One afternoon, during the very first snowy days in Belgrade, Adrianne and Jordan decided to get out of Miksaliste a bit. They made their way to the barracks behind the train station, in an attempt to help the many people living there in inadequate conditions.

Over the course of the day, Adrianne donated her gloves to a young boy who badly needed them – despite coming down with the flu. With frozen fingers and without any money, they started making their way back to their hostel but quickly realized she had a hard time walking.

Luckily, their friend Vice came around. Vice is a young refugee from Afghanistan, and a regular student of theirs. He couldn’t bare the sight of his friend suffering, so he offered the little bit that he had to help her pay for a taxi home.

„At first I thought I can’t take money from a refugee“, she says. Yet, she accepted his help and she came home by a cab, and Jordan continued to take care of her.

Thanks to their friendship with Vice, Adrianne narrowly avoided an uncomfortable, and potentially dangerous, experience. Help goes both ways, and this is just one example of just that.

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A big thank you to Vice for his big heart!