Rambo Amadeus and Elemental: 8 June at the Mikser Festival

The eighth Mikser Festival, the largest regional festival of creativity and innovation, will be held for the fifth time in the Belgrade neighborhood of Savamala, from 8 – 12 June 2016. Under the slogan “Society Sensitive” the Festival will be characterized by topics of gender equality and female creativity, social equality, open dialogue, multiculturalism and efficient conflict resolution.

On the main stage, Miksalište (Mostarska 5), we’ll showcase music from the region that has significantly contributed to defining the Balkan sound, and a special emphasis will be placed on female creativity in the field of music.

On the first day of the festival, 8 June, one of the best concert bands in the region, Elemental, and the musician, poet and media manipulator Rambo Amadeus will play at Miksalište. They will be joined by Beti Đorđević and Rambita Amadeus, whom Rambo will present for the first time to the general public during the Mikser Festival.

Elemental is a Croatian band whose sound is based on rap with influences of rock, soul, funk and reggae, with sharp lyrics and interesting instrumental backing. Critics and the public agree that they are a unique and original musical phenomenon in the region. During its 18 years of existence, the band has won a loyal fan base that is joined every year by new admirers recognizing their honest and original attitude, not only regarding music, but also as regards the social issues that concern us all.

Foto: Maja Bota
Photo: Maja Bota

In addition to being excellent studio musicians, Elemental has proven itself to be one of the best concert bands with its emphasis on building a relationship with the audience. Elemental is: vocals Mirela Priselac Remi and Luka Tralić Shot, guitarist Erol Zejnilović, bassist Konrad Lovrenčić, keyboardist Davor Zanoški, drummer Ivan Vodopijec and backing vocals Vida Manestar.

Rambo Amadeus has 13 solo albums and several compilations, along with live releases, and recently presented his latest studio album “Vrh Dna”, with its satirical texts about the fate of the little man in the whirlwinds of life. It includes both new and older tracks. The audience will have the opportunity to hear Rambo’s distinctive style, with a healthy dose of improvisation, humor and surprises on the Mikser Festival main stage on 8 June.

Rambo Amadeus

He will be joined on stage by jazz and soul diva Beti Đorđević, one of the best singers from our region. Also, for the first time and possibly last time, Rambo will present Rambita Amadeus to the Belgrade audience.

Tickets for the first day of the Mikser Festival, 8 June, are available at all Gigs Tix sales locations (Mikser House, Vulkan Bookstores, Corner Shops) for the price of 900 dinars until 15 May. From 15 May on, the ticket price will be 1200 dinars.