Open Regional Competition for Unsigned Bands:
The Female Element

Mikser Festival and Mascom Records have announced a regional competition for unsigned bands called “The Female Element”, which is a great opportunity for bands interested in original music.

The music competition driven by Mikser Festival and Mascom Records is now being held for the fourth year in a row and is the ideal opportunity for bands from the region to showcase their creations to the public, as well as to release their debut album. The winners of the three previous competitions are the bands Auf Wiedersehen, Lorna Wing and Enormna Blajsna.

The theme of this year’s competition, “The Female Element”, is in line with the theme of the Mikser Festival, whose program will be greatly characterized by female creativity. Thus, this year, all bands in the region having at least one female member are invited to participate – in order to provide incentive for women in music and to highlight their creativity, which is insufficiently recognized in the world of music.

The competition is open to all original bands from the region that have at least one female member, and who do not have an official release. Selected bands will have the opportunity to perform on the main stage of the Mikser Festival, which will be held from 8-12 June in Savamala. The winning band will win a publishing package from Mascom Records which will include a publishing contract, production and distribution of physical albums, digital distribution, administration and protection of the works and authors, as well as promotional support.

Applications should be submitted by completing the form at the link