Open call for the art competition Black Box:
Erasing the Past

Mikser Festival and the Faculty of Applied Arts in Belgrade invite artists to participate in the Black Box competition for artwork, which will be presented on the streets of Savamala as part of the upcoming Mikser Festival, 8 – 12 June 2016.

The Black Box project, an outdoor collective art installation, came about as a collaboration between Mikser Festival and the Faculty of Applied Arts in Belgrade as a platform to support the development of young and unestablished artists from the field of fine arts. This year 100 artists will be selected by the open competition’s expert jury, made up of Marko Lađušić, professor at the Faculty of Applied Arts, Davor Dukić, artist, Marko Stanković, sculptor, and Maja Lalić, architect, Creative Director of the Mikser Festival.

Black box

The theme of this year’s Black Box, Erasing the Past, refers to one of the greatest challenges for the individual in today’s world of mass surveillance and hyper-networking, in which one faces information overload, and this is the interpretation of the past, and selection of information that is closest to the truth of an event, person or phenomenon.

Erasing the Past invites young artists to analyze phenomena which, in their view, have become part of society’s collective amnesia, to crystallize the most important intimate and social topics that are unjustifiably absent from public discourse through their creative work. If the past is simplified and reduced to the form of a cube, artists will have the opportunity to build on and complete the history that is presented in textbooks with their creative interventions. In that way, they will contribute to the general well-being.

 Black box 3

Artists are invited to respond to the competition theme by means of micro-artistic intervention within the very limited space of a black cube (60 x 60 x 60cm), and based on the anatomy of personal, intimate visions of contributing to opening the wider theme about possible alternative scenarios for collective well-being. 

The competition is open until 1 May 2016 to all artists, regardless of status and formal education. Applications may be submitted by completing the electronic form available at: Competition results will be published on the website: 

In the period following announcement of the results up to the beginning of the Mikser Festival, the selected authors will participate in development workshops in cooperation with the “Black Box” project mentors, and the winning works will be exhibited on the streets of Savamala from 8 – 12 June at the Mikser Festival, and from 13 June – 6 July in the Mikser House Gallery at Karađorđeva 46.