Moj Bicikl: We are happy that we are contributing to the
ever-growing number of cyclists here

Moj Bicikl (‘My bike’) is a small family business founded in January 2015 in Belgrade by people who wanted to ride slightly different bikes, so they decided to make them themselves. Their two-wheelers are designed for those who think that the bike can be an expression of personal style, and that it says more about the person who riding it, than the company that made it. The emphasis is on beautiful colors and interesting accessories.

Handmade production and design means that every piece is in some way unique, and selected models are available at the Balkan Design Store at Mikser House (Karađorđeva 46).

One sunny day, we spoke with the creative team behind the brand “Moj Bicikl” about entrepreneurship, inspiration, and the status of cycling in Serbia. We wish you a nice ride! :)

Moj bicikl1

Where did the idea come from to set sail in the waters of entrepreneurship and start producing custom-made bikes?

We’ve always wanted to do something together, something that we like, and which interests us, but also something in which we could be successful. The idea of ​​producing bikes as we do today did not come overnight. We in a way inherited the family business which we’ve been thinking about for years, but we added a little bit of new detail, a little color and, most importantly, a different approach to making them and also to the customer.


What are the challenges you face as a young creative craftsmen?

The biggest problem is that we import a certain amount of parts. This primarily involves good organization of the work, good planning of supplies, finances and time. When we make bikes one by one for individual customers, it is difficult to plan in advance.

How much of making the bikes is the design process?

Working out the design, if it depends only on us, is a process that sometimes takes a few minutes, or sometimes “simmers” for days. Sometimes in the course of making the bike we try out various options and that is how we actually work on design and construction simultaneously.


Is design or technical characteristics crucial in construction?

Of course, the bike must first and foremost be technically correct, with quality parts and that are precisely placed. Design is just one shade that makes us visually recognizable. However, the design is rarely a hindrance to the technical condition of the bike so that we can respond to almost all customer requirements.


As connoisseurs of cycling opportunities, what is the situation of cycling culture in Serbia?

It seems to us that things are slowly getting better. Our favorite is when someone who has never ridden a bike is inspired by what we do and comes for us to make his first bicycle. We are pleased that in some way we can contribute to the ever-growing number of cyclists here. Not only in Belgrade, but all around Serbia.


What is Moj bicikl preparing for this spring season?

Many different bikes, and we hope some surprises, which we’ll reveal to you…but later in the season :)

Lastly, unicycle, bicycle or tricycle?

Bicycle, of course!