Mikser and Refugee Aid Miksalište invite you to
create your No Borders Day!

Mikser Organization and Refugee Aid Miksalište are starting the initiative “No Borders Day” and invite all interested collectives, creatives, associations and organizations to implement one human, productive day with the Miksalište team at Mostarska 5, to join our volunteers and develop relationships, interaction or a creative workshop with the refugees who pass through our capital.

Although the borders are officially closed, the number of refugees who come to Miksalište has been increasing, due to the absence of well-regulated procedures for assistance. Refugees remain largely left to the goodwill of the citizens and organizations they encounter along their arduous journey.

For this reason, Mikser and Refugee Aid Miksalište, invite all creative collectives, art associations, organizations, firms and companies to join the “No Borders Day” initiative to interact and socialize with refugees.

Being in close contact with the people who have fled their countries, volunteers at Miksalište are familiar with the personal stories and the faces behind the wall of the refugee crisis. The goal of “No Borders Day” is precisely the demolition of that wall, where all collectives are encouraged to join the initiative to create a one-day gathering at Miksalište in the form of an educational or creative workshop, sports or entertainment activity, or some other type of interactive exchange.

“No Borders Day” strives to inspire our fellow citizens and refugees, through dialogue and interaction, direct ways to learn about each other and our cultures. The goal is to integrate refugees into European society and construct such societies in which the coexistence of different and seemingly opposing cultures is achievable.

The Mikser team will be the first to make a “Day Without Borders” at Miksalište on 15 April, in the form of sports gathering with refugees. Next will be the Ana and Vlade Divac Foundation team. All interested collectives who wish to join are invited to apply via email