Mikser launches crowdfunding campaign for culture center Mikser House Sarajevo!

Cultural organization “Mikser” from Belgrade is launching an international crowdfunding campaign to complete the reconstruction of the abandoned factory in the industrial complex “Vaso Miskin Crni” in Pofalici, Sarajevo to house a regional cultural center Mikser House Sarajevo whose  opening is scheduled for 8 September this year.

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Thanks to our sponsors, private donors, foundations and project’s friends, we have secured ¾ of the budget needed for the reconstruction. The remaining 25% (75,000 eur) we will try to provide through crowd funding by citizens, interested collectives, future visitors of our culture center, as well as individuals around the world who share belief that supporting the initiatives like Mikser House which affirm local talents and promote cultural reintegration of the region, is also a great way to contribute to  positive image of the Balkans.

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We are deeply convinced that the Mikser House Sarajevo will be a powerful catalyst for cultural and civic dialogue among young people in the region, regardless of their religious and ethnic affiliation, respecting ground values which Mikser House from Belgrade has been protecting and promoting:  multiculturalism, tolerance, creativity, reconciliation and encouragement of creative entrepreneurship among young people as a vital source of self-sustainability of  future generations in the Balkans.

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Details on how you can get involved and support creation of a vibrant culture center Mikser House in a former factory in Sarajevo are available on this link: https://igg.me/at/MikserHouseSarajevo/x/16974649

As the campaign’s success largely depends on its visibility, please, contribute to our efforts by sharing the link and the information about the campaign on your social networks and other available channels.

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Thank you in advance for your involvement in supporting Mikser House Sarajevo!

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Your Mikser Team