LOVE REVOLUTION – New Year’s Eve 31.12.2016.

For the second New Year’s Eve in a row, in addition to having a good time, with LOVE REVOLUTION party we want to affirm some nicer, better and happier world based on absolute values ​​of love, solidarity and tolerance. Therefore, this this year’s edition we base on self-love, guided by the philosophy “If you can’t love yourself, how the hell you’re going to love somebody else?”.
Last year we hosted over 1000 guests at what we believe was one of the best and most spectacular parties in the city. The concept originated by joined forces of MIKSER HOUSE, MIKSER GARDEN and WB COMMUNITY teams.
Music: EDM, Pop, Trap, 80s Pop-Rock
SEVDAH BABY : King of local EDM scene with Djixx, the queen, which absolutely dominates the scene and spreads the energy like fire! Last year at our first LOVE REVOLUTION party they lit the crowd with their club hits and made us feel the true meaning of #OneLove message of EDM scene.
MIMI MERCEDEZ: Rough female rapper who, in her songs, isn’t afraid to preach about loving herself and giving “tough love” to all those who dispute that right. With energetic beats of her songs she will make you move your whole body, feel good about yourself, appreciate your crew and not be affraid of haters.
DJs of WB COMMUNITY: Experienced club smashers which pick only the finest and most popular international club hits with elements of EDM, Pop and Trap music, which will mark this decade of music and will be listened in decades to come.
DJs of MIKSER GARDEN With their energy and sophisticated taste for the best hits of 80s Pop and Rock music, DJs Makica Flower and Ksenija blew up our minds in the Mikser Garden over the last two summer seasons.
1500 RSD – PROMO price
2000 RSD – regular price (until sold-out)
2500 RSD – at the entrance
Tickets are available at Gigs Tix posts and at Mikser House.
VIP Sofas: 3 to 8 people. Price: 100 € (plus regular ticket)
Reservations: Bar Tables: first-come, first-served (no reservations)
Reservations & info: +381 62 966 76 96 (Katarina – Call, SMS, WhatsApp, Viber)
Note: Tables can’t be booked! The advice is to arrive as early as possible, considering the number of expected guests.