KOOZMETIK: We believe that nature has a
solution and cure for everything

Koozmetik, a brand of natural cosmetics new to our market, is all natural and includes nothing that harms our body. Every detail is taken care of, and with a minimalist and pure design, a top quality product is brought to the forefront – rejecting everything that is unnecessary and superfluous. Jovana Antić and Daniela Stanković, the designers behind the brand, say they have brought together a team that boasts high criteria and who are daily working to give their maximum. Creative and curious, pleasure is found in all that is beautiful, and nature is their constant inspiration.

We spoke with Daniela and Jovana about the brand design, as well as about the benefits of natural cosmetics, the ideas, and entrepreneurship.

The first thing you notice with Koozmetik is the phenomenal, minimalist design. Who was responsible for this and how did you manage to find a “real” designer?

The design is in line with the whole concept of Koozmetik, namely minimalism, simplicity and aesthetics. Aleksandra Perović Mihajlović and Milica Pantelić did the graphic design, and Neven Oljačić and Igor Miletić elaborated on it. The whole team gave its creative stamp to our design, of course following our guidelines and expectations.


How hard is it to fit the concept and the idea of a brand into the design? It seems to us that you have succeeded.

If what the brand has to offer the market is clear and unambiguous, it is not difficult to communicate that through design. Koozmetik wants to provide a little peace in the chaos of everyday life, which our products as well as the design of their packaging and the entire branding provide.  

IMG_0087 2

Why natural cosmetics? And does the story of your brand stop with the cosmetics or is there a bigger picture?

Natural cosmetics, because nothing else is healthy for our body. Additionally, it provides perfect care and smells like no other. We believe that nature has a solution and cure for everything.


2016 was declared the year of entrepreneurship in Serbia, with a special emphasis placed on women entrepreneurs. How difficult was it to decide to start your own business, and did being a woman have an affect (and if so, why)? Women’s entrepreneurship, from your perspective?

In the cosmetics industry, being a woman can only be an advantage. Women rarely decide to start their own business, whether out of fear or ignorance, we do not know, but we are sure that they have a lot of untapped potential for business. Part of our team are professional and capable women who further inspire us with their strength and give us ideas for further progress.  


Where did the idea for Koozmetik come, and what were some of the biggest challenges on the path from idea to realization?

We started our own business because we wanted to do something that gives us pleasure, that fulfills us and which will facilitate and brighten many lives. Before, we used foreign brand natural cosmetics and we dared to produce something similar in Serbia. One of the biggest challenges is definitely the bureaucracy as it takes away too much time and energy.  


What is Koozmetik preparing for the future?

The Koozmetik team is refining and testing recipes for new products which we will announce in the near future. In the works are several interesting discussions for cooperation here and abroad, about which we are very excited.


Any advice for fellow entrepreneurs?

Be polite and have courage. A nice word opens even iron doors.

Koozmetik natural products are available at the Balkan Design Shop at Mikser House (Karađorđeva 46).