Mikser House by Guardian

The Guardian: Mikser House is one of the 10 best
industrial-chic spaces worldwide

Mikser House, as the most prominent art center in Belgrade that happens to be housed in a former steel factory warehouse, made the list of the 10 best industrial-chic spaces in the world, as selected by the renowned British newspaper The Guardian.

The Guardian recommended its readers the most inspiring conceptual spaces around the world. The top 10 list includes locations in Paris, New York, Detroit, Amsterdam, Lyon, Lisbon, Leipzig, Nanking, and Belgrade, with a special emphasis on Mikser House.

“Occupying a light, beautifully renovated warehouse, Mikser House has become Belgrade’s most prominent arts centre since opening in the run-down Savamala neighbourhood in 2013…Mikser [has] tables displaying work by Serbian designers for sale, a cafe (with excellent coffee, of course) and places to flick open your laptop and work. In the evenings the space is transformed for theatre, performances and parties,” according to The Guardian.

In addition to Mikser House, KC Grad is also highlighted as an important catalyst for Belgrade’s independent creative scene, which further emphasizes the role of Savamala in the development of creative industries, as well as the cultural and tourist attractions of our country.

After prominent international media such as CNN, Mashable, Lonely Planet, Business Insider, and Shanghai Daily have written about the most vibrant Belgrade neighborhood, the creative energy of Savamala and Mikser House have once again found a way to the world’s major media, and it is important to note that this is the third time in the past two years that The Guardian writes about Savamala.

This, like all other positive impulses and affirmations coming from different parts of the world, from Asia to America, transmits the best possible image of Savamala, Belgrade and Serbia to the world, and also provide a stimulus to Savamala’s creative teams to continue their efforts and tireless activities that have positioned Savamala and Belgrade as the epicenter of culture and creativity in this part of Europe.

The full article is available at this link.