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Exhibition: Body&Border opens in Stockholm on 19 April,
at the Mikser Festival in June

An exhibition by Sweden’s Codesign Research Studio entitled “Body&Border” is opening on Tuesday, 19 April in Stockholm. The exhibition looks at the new borders of Europe from different perspectives. The Belgrade public will have the opportunity to see it, at the Mikser Festival in Savamala from 8 – 12 June. One of the speakers at the opening of the exhibition in Stockholm will be the creative director of the Mikser Festival, Maja Lalić.

Photo: CoRS

With the exhibition “Body&Border”, CoRS (Codesign Research Studio) questions the purpose and consequences of the new European borders. Using architectural tools and methods, different types of borders are analyzed, and their details, forms, dimensions, proportions, components and composition are observed in relation to the human body. The consequences of building borders and their direct impact on the human body were documented during field visits, interviews and reports from the doctors at Miksalište. Visitors will be able to experience several personal stories “captured” in time and space by the 3D maps and models.

Photo: CoRS

While working on the exhibition, CoRS created a digital 3D database of border architecture, revealing a new picture of European fortification policy and the migration economy. The exhibition is the product of cooperation among CoRS, ABF Stockholm and KTH School of Architecture, with the support of Stockholm Stad, Mikser Organization and Stad Magazine.

Tests of body tissue physics in relation to barbed tape. We are using molds of our own body for the ballistic gel forms. The tests are done in relation to studies of which bodyparts that are most targeted by the border architecture and by the documentation of the damage the actual border architecture performs.

The exhibition will open in Stockholm on Tuesday, 19 April at 18h, with short presentations by the speakers: Peter Ullstad and Jelena Mijanović from Codesign, Francesco Sebregondi (Forensic Architecture), Maja Lalić (Mikser), Maximilian Zinnecker (KTH project “Beyond the White Tent”).

Mikser’s creative director, Maja Lalić, will present the Refugee Aid Miksalište initiative and plans for the new Multicultural Integration Center in Savamala, as well as announce this year’s Mikser Festival, under the slogan “Sensitive Society”. The local audience will have the opportunity to see the “Body&Border” exhibition during the Festival, which will be held in Savamala between 8 – 12 June.