Blog: Emily at work
Ivana Zarić

Picture3Emily is a volunteer from Australia, whose great personality and energy warmed Miksaliste this past December. Her story begins 9 months ago, when she began traveling throughout Europe. She started her volunteer work in Berlin at a refugee center where refugees gathered to cook together. This was a great example of integration, as Emily learned a lot of new recipes. “It’s good because they get to show you something… It’s a really nice power shift and it’s nice for us to learn about their culture.”

At Miksaliste, Emily held a lot of workshops, which also tend to be a part of integration programs. Her English classes were popular among the girls in particular, as she spent most of her time in the Women’s corner, a project supported by Oxfam and UN Women. The girls and women loved her, and together they made jewelry, knitted and shared their thoughts and stories. Picture1

“The main reason I wanted to come to Europe to volunteer with refugees is because my own country is not really letting any in”, says Emily. The biggest challenge for her was accepting the fact that refugees are stuck in Serbia and they don’t know where to go. Considering that she has a degree in anthropology with focus on social work, her love for working with people gave wonderful results here at Miksaliste.

Emily at work
Emily at work