Building cultural center Mikser House Sarajevo

Help us to build new independent multicultural center in Sarajevo, Mikser House, open to all people

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MIKSER HOUSE SARAJEVO is becoming more than a dream! We are making an independent culture & community center in Sarajevo that will celebrate the best of Balkan’s creativity, innovation and culture, a place where young talents will be discovered, nurtured and given the opportunity to create and perfom. Mikser House Sarajevo will be a meeting place where citizens, architects, designers, filmmakers and musicians meet and co-create a better future for the Balkans. We are making a HOUSE FOR ALL OUR PEOPLE, a hub for reconciliation and multicultural exchange across the region.

So far, we have collected 75% of needed budget for the construction works and equipment. We have covered essential repairs and reconstruction works; entire roof repair; windows; installations (water supply, drainage; electricity, ventilation); basic construction works for the art gallery, cafe, new toilets, office space and open kitchen; wooden flooring in entire building. NOW WE NEED YOUR HELP TO FUNDRAISE REMAINING 25% to be able to put our hub into function, so we organized Indiegogo campaign for the needed $85,000. With your help we will be able to repair and paint the façade, finish the interior, purchase furniture, install lighting and basic technical equipment for the art gallery performance hall and our Innovation Lab. Join us in this adventure and help us to inspire new creative scene in Sarajevo and the entire Balkans!


Mikser House Sarajevo will have Music and Theater Performing space, Art Gallery, Education & Innovation Lab, Balkan Design Center, Mikser Canteen, Community garden and Kids zone.

Multifunkcionlana sala za koncerte, predstave i performanse
Music and Theater Performing space
Art Gallery
Laboratorija za edukaciju i decu
Education Lab & Kids Lab
Balkan Dizajn Centar
Balkan Design Center
Mikser kantina
Mikser Canteen
Otvorena bašta
Community garden



Mikser Association is a platform promoting synergy of culture, creative entrepreneurship and civic activism, with strong focus on discovery, development and promotion of Balkan talents from all creative disciplines. For its community impact, Mikser Association and our refugee aid center Miksalište won numerous international awards: European Citizenship Award, Contribution to Europe by the European Movement International, Leadership – “Trailblazer Award” by The Fulbright Alumni Association of Serbia, etc. One of our key initiatives is Mikser House – an innovative concept of cultural institution combining educational, cultural, and innovation-driven activities in multifunctional transformable spaces. One of our missions is to transform neglected urban spaces into THE destinations. We are revitalizing abandoned industrial complexes and transforming surrounding neighborhoods into creative districts with global visibility. More than 50 leading foreign media made reports about our culture center Mikser House in Belgrade and its impact on the neighborhood revival.

We are bringing to Sarajevo our rich experience of running cultural center in Belgrade where we have organized more than 1,500 events and hosted over 1,250,000 visitors who attended over 400 concerts, 180 dance events, 19 theater plays, 100 performances, 75 literary events and book readings, 40 conferences, 50 public debates, 240 markets & festivals, 80 art exhibitions.


People behind Mikser are connected to Sarajevo on many levels.  Strong impulse for realization of this project came from years-long collaboration between Mikser platform and numerous local artists, creative organizations and individuals from Bosnia and Hercegovina, who share a common goal – to redesign Balkan’s image from notorious moments of contemporary Balkan history when city of Sarajevo became tragic metaphor of suffering and destruction, into one of the most creative and prolific parts of Europe. Nurturing culture of memory, affirmation of ground values, multiculturalism and exchange are foundations of Mikser House Sarajevo ideological modus operandi. With Mikser House Sarajevo, regional cultural exchange will increase and widen cultural space in the Balakans with a tendency to spread to other regional centers of ex-Yugoslavia.

It’s not easy to ignore the fact that one of the founders of Mikser, Belgradian Ivan Lalić, worked for International Red Cross on a humanitarian mission during the the war in Bosnia and Herzegovina until he was heavily wounded from the grenade explosion in 1992 at the entrance to Sarajevo. Unfortunately, his Swiss coleague, Frederick Moris, high delegate of International Red Cross from Geneve, did not manage to survive the attack at convoy of Red Cross. Remeberance of Moris, but also of Mufid, young defender of Sarajevo who bravely dragged both Lalić and Moris from the destroyed jeep under the bomb attack are the grounds on which Mikser is building the platform of reconciliation and multiethnical solidarity. In the Balkan region where even today the communication is a bit disturbed or even lost, we believe that intercultural platforms are essential because they improve the communication between the people of good will.

Our Belgrade experience that affirms self sustainable model of business is serious warranty that Mikser House Sarajevo will inherit successful matrix of professional management that ensure high achievement, endurance and growth of the project. Preparations for the opening of  Mikser House Sarajevo are advancing, but we need support from creative community around the world, from friends and partners, from artists, designers, actors, painters, architects, musicians, performers, film makers, and all other people who care, to build a new house for all of us. WE NEED  YOUR HELP in making the HOUSE FOR ALL PEOPLE! We count on you!

Please, share this and invite your friends to join us, because your friends are our friends too and our house is yours and theirs as well! Make some noise with us! Make some change for a brighter Balkan!