Boban Marković Orkestar and Crne Mambe to honor
Šaban Bajramović

The eighth Mikser Festival, the largest regional festival of creativity and innovation, will be held for the fifth time in the Belgrade neighborhood of Savamala, from 8 – 12 June 2016. Under the slogan “Society Sensitive” the Festival will be characterized by topics of gender equality and female creativity, social equality, open dialogue, multiculturalism and efficient conflict resolution.

On the main stage, Miksalište (Mostarska 5), we’ll showcase music from the region that has significantly contributed to defining the Balkan sound. The fourth day of the Mikser Festival, 11 June, will be marked by the sound of Roma music legend Šaban Bajramović. On the occasion of 80 years since his birth and eight years since his death, Šaban Bajramović’s orchestra “Crne Mambe” and a special surprise guest will take the stage at Miksalište. They will be followed by “the kings of Serbian trumpets”, Boban Marković Orkestar.

On Saturday, 11 June, Crne Mambe will perform on the Mikser Festival main stage. The orchestra from Nis is known for being great entertainers, combining the sounds of trumpets, jazz and blues rhythms. The orchestra was founded in the seventies by the king of Roma music, Šaban Bajramović. Crne Mambe will just play in his honor on the stage at Miksalište. The evening will start with a screening of the film “Šaban” by Miloš Stojanović, and then Crne Mambe will be joined on stage by special guests, musicians who collaborated with or were inspired by his creativity.


Later, the undisputed rulers of the Serbian trumpets, Boban Marković Orkestar, will perform. Their music is defined by the sound of Roma heritage with influences of other close musical and cultural traditions, and they’ve been declared the best orchestra in the country several times. Boban Marković, who won his first of many “First trumpet of Guča” awards at age 20, and who was later crowned with awards of “Trumpet Maestro” and “Songlines” Magazine’s best trumpet players in the world, announced that he would play a Šaban Bajramović song, in addition to an already distinctive rich repertoire.

Tickets for the fourth day of the Mikser Festival, 11 June, are available at all Gigs Tix sales locations (Mikser House, Vulkan Bookstores, Corner Shops) for the advance price of 900 dinars until 15 May. From 15 May on, the ticket price will be 1200 dinars.