Balkan Design Store

The Balkan Design Store at Mikser House brings together a selection of products and handicrafts from the best local and regional designers. The store offers original, contemporary pieces of furniture and home decorations, unique clothing, handbags, jewelry, accessories, as well as works of contemporary literature.

Hours of Operation
Mon – Sun
12  – 20 h


  • Ah dogs

    Ah! is a fashion brand for dogs that designs, produces and distributes high-quality assesorise and clothing for pups, big and small.

  • Beetle Bo

    Beetle Bo is Serbian brand which aims to provide unique and fresh design, something a little bit different. Every piece of Beetle Bo’s clothing tells you the story. It takes you to a magical world of imagination, uniqueness and style. Put Beetle Bo on and step into your own fairy tale.

  • DechkoTzar

    DechkoTzar is not a superhero, he is just a regular guy representing Belgrade at it’s core.

  • Kabinet Brewery

    Unfiltered and unpasteurized craft beers from Serbia from the finest exclusively imported ingredients, brewed near Kosmaj.

  • Kuči

    Time to stylize your charm! Ragged tail is no longer in vogue!

  • ArchiPlay

    Brave new brand of playful educational tools with architectural twist | designed by PROCES educational architecture |

  • Sabi handmade

    Sabi Handmade products were born from a place of love. Inspired by nature, motivated by simplicity we took it upon ourselves to create something we wholeheartedly believe in. We took our own leap of faith to express ourselves and share our products with others.

  • Škrabac

    Škrabac officially started in May 2014, but unofficially existed in the form of drawings years before that. The drawings are graphic expressions of wisdom, proverbs, sayings, nonsense or anything that could be heard anywhere in everyday life.

  • Wacky Sheep

    Wacky Sheep | Ћакнута Овца is a new brand that deals with production of unique things.

  • Koozmetik

    All natural, handmade cosmetics.

  • Over

    Premium limited edition goods, made to survive the weekends.

  • Marsh Production

    “Belgrade cousine” is an unique guide through Belgrade restaurants, coffee places and cake shops.

  • AK Modelar

    Aero Club MODELAR has a permanent school of aeromodelling and it lasts throughout the year. Interested can learn to build and fly different classes of models like free flying F1 (A, B, C, D) and the class of control line models F2.

  • JKobald

    JKobald is a fashion brand and production house located in Vienna and Belgrade. It is run by the Kobald family, many friends and creative staff.

  • Koba Yagi Toys

    Koba Yagi are quality toys that promote the DIY culture, eco-design and the basic idea that the toy is a process, not a finished product.

  • Milk & Cookiez

    It’s so much more than just a piece of clothes, it’s about the experience around it. It will make you wanna DIP IN AND ENJOY.

  • Mooshema

    MooMooShema Brand represents modern piece of interior, exclusively designed with idea to emphasize your individuality and bring sunshine to your life.

  • Popcycle

    POPCYCLE bicycle  bags are the result of a designer’s and at the same time cyclists personal need. That is the product that goes beyond the stereotypical offer of accessories for cycling. It is very pratical, economical and attractive.

  • Rakia Bar

    Spajajući istok i zapad, tradicionalno i moderno, Rakia Bar postaje  prepoznatljiv domaći brend hrane i tradicionalnih alkoholnih pića.

  • Remake

    Teacups, teapots, plates, bowls, paper notebooks, prints, apron, pillows…

  • Rename

    “Rename” is well known by its modern, inovative and minimalistic design, mostly in the field of women’s jewelry, housewares and souvenirs made out of perspex and wood.

  • Sofi

    Sofi workshop produces handmade, high-quality cosmetic products made of natural ingredients.

  • Stecca d’osso

    Bookbinding, unique hand-made binding in the form of notebooks, albums, diaries of quality materials.


  • Studio Glina

    Unique porcelain jewelry.



  • Supernatural

    Supernatural’s vision is a creation of a community that deeply understands and feels the environment, which will lead to a society and lifestyle in harmony with Mother Earth.

  • Svetlana Vukov

    Fashion designer based in Belgrade.

  • Ten Fingers

    TEN Fingers is a New Label for unique and chic bags & accessories, founded in Belgrade.