Rambo Amadeus and Elemental: 8 June at the Mikser Festival

The eighth Mikser Festival, the largest regional festival of creativity and innovation, will be held for the fifth time in the Belgrade neighborhood of Savamala, from 8 - 12 June 2016. Under the slogan "Society Sensitive" the Festival will be characterized by topics of gender equality and female creativity, social equality, open dialogue, multiculturalism and efficient conflict resolution. On the main stage, Miksalište (Mostarska 5), we'll showcase music from the region that has significantly contributed to defining the Balkan sound,…

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The new OVER collection

The new OVER spring 2016 collection has arrived at the Balkan Design Shop at Mikser House (Karađorđeva 46). The collection, called „Night Crawler“, includes women's and men's short and long sleeved shirts with a new design prints from the OVER workshop. The OVER brand was created as a response to the desire to possess something different and unique. Design is the main driving force directing a small group of local artists from different disciplines and united by a common passion for creativity. OVER t-shirts began spontaneously in 2005, without…

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Blog: Don’t we all deserve a chance

Marija Božić, coordinator at Miksaliste. Here at Miksalište, every week differs from the last – just as we think we’ve got into some type of routine, the situation has stabilized, and there will be no surprises, there is alway a twist and something new. In November 2016, when I started working with Refugee Aid Miksalište, the situation compared to then and now are completely different. We survived the unwelcoming, harsh winter, then welcomed by the warmth of March sun, shining…

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